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Oh hey! I'm Sydney! But most of my friends call me Syd, and since you are now one, you can too!

Growing up from third grade on I was home schooled (and no I wasn't your typical introverted have no life kid haha!) I was actually the complete opposite! Through high school, I thought I wanted to do be an occupational therapist. My junior year I joined a career center where I wanted to get into the health and fitness program to begin the journey for being an OT. As a student, you had to have a secondary choice and mine was photography. Turns out the fitness program was full so I automatically was put into photography program. I thought it would be a fun hobby or side job but never my full time career. After two months into the program I knew this was the calling God had on my life. That's where my journey began and the rest is history.

If I'm not shooting or editing, you can catch me spending time with my husband Bryon and our two cats Finn and Blue. Or if B is busy, I'm probably at a local coffee shop. They are basically my second home. Incase you were wondering an iced oat milk latte is my favorite!

I'm so glad you're here!

My Husband 

On July 24, 2022 I married my best friend of five years. Bryon's my greatest gift from the Lord. You think I'm kidding, I'm being dead serious. He's my absolute favorite thing. You can find me doing all of life with him. We love to find hidden places to hammock, try to cook new foods (emphasis on the word try), watch all things Law and Order, take walks, and eat lots of Mexican or Japanese food.


Check Out Our Wedding Video! 

Favorite Place I've Traveled:
USA - Hawaii, Colorado, and Utah
Outside the USA - French Polynesia (this is the only place I've been haha!)
My Kind of Music:
I love a mixture of everything...but if you see me on the highway with the windows down I'm probably listening to Morgan Wallen!

Fun Facts About Me!

Why do I love photography?
The gift of photography allows me to help someone by something as simple as putting a smile on my clients faces.
Love Language:
2w1 :) I love to connect and build relationships with people while also helping them. 
Quality Time. There's nothing like spending time with those around you. Conversing, laughing, or even simply sitting next to each other
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